Combined with Covid, it’s a killer of children’s dreams

Not all at once — although the bullets that breed in poverty will do that. Poverty kills slowly. It grinds and grinds and grinds. Until it reduces whatever hope you had to a dusty smudge of resentment, befouls whatever…

The list is long and you’re on it — the arithmetic of gratitude

“COVID arrived in Oaxaca as a ravenous beast and feasted on the lives of the poor.”

Bookshelf — Wildland, The Making of America’s Fury, Evan Osnos

I never developed a succinct answer from the…

When a sibling is gone, we must live on with the absence

She was also the quiet one, the creative one, the sweetest one of all — if we admit to the truth.

She is also, now, the…

Mexico, Tengo unas preguntas para ti

There is nothing easy in Mexico. There is nothing that once fixed or settled or mended stays that way. The country drifts toward the broken. ¿México, por qué se descompone tanto?

Tell me, mi amigo

I ran around the world looking for something, but thanks to Covid I finally find it — at home

I have gone to: Nowhere (well, once to Texas…

A family in Mexico, a Venezuelan refugee in Peru show that arguing Americans don’t know how privileged they are

For those of us of a certain age, we will live the rest of our lives with these realities

Another friend said, while we walked through the neighborhood under ashen — quite…

Tim Porter

I'm a photographer and a writer.

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