Trump — A Tumor Reveals Itself

Why Trump’s meltdown at the debate is good for our democracy

My son, my son, my son. The words bled with pain from Joe Biden’s heart, the sound of a father trying to shield his child from the stomp of a bully.

Our country, our country, our country, bemoaned America, aching from the wounds inflicted on us by its pachydermatous president, who brought his worse self — and that is saying much — to the “debate” stage last night in Cleveland.

As Trump pounded on Biden, so he pounded on us, we the people. His flagrant distaste for the political process merged with his absolute disregard for common decency and his thinly disguised racist vitriol to produce as putrid display of non-presidential behavior the American public has ever seen.

There is no need for me to list Trump’s failings, although if anyone is still unpersuaded that he is not fit to occupy the Oval Office I offer you his dick-wagging refusal to condemn white-supremacy, winking at his boys-with-toys militias to “stand by.” Trust me, he wants violence. It is all he has left.

Trump is a tumor, and last night he metastasized on national TV, bursting through the skin of the body politic to spew his cancerous venom into the auditorium where his unmasked wife and family watched. We saw him, too, his dark heart revealed, his shallow mind emptied, his schoolyard pettiness unfettered. On the sparse stage, Trump stood naked. An ugly sight, to be sure, but a necessary one if we are to expel him.

I am reading Bob Woodward’s book Rage, another vivisection of the Trump presidency. It is worth your time. There is no unearthing of Al Capone’s treasure, no revelation so shocking as to be unexpected. What could be surprising about Trump this stage? Instead, there is page after page after page of scummy behavior, intellectual deficiency and narcissistic thinking that, cumulatively, uncloaks the corrupt rot that is the soul of Trump and that he has injected into our imperfect democracy.

Most of the commentariat opines this morning that Trump ate his own grenade last night, and when it blows his fetid guts out of the presidency on November 3 we will have Grandpa Joe as his replacement. I am good with it. Biden is not all we would like, but for now he is what we need — a good man, decent man, a man with a heart and a soul.

Fark you, Donald Trump, for what you have done to us. Thank you, Donald Trump, for destroying yourself.

I'm a photographer and a writer.